• BA Geography 
  • MSc. Kinesiology
  • BSc. Food, Nutrition and Health majoring in Dietetics (graduated with honours)
  • Completed dietetics internship with Island Health
  • Completed sport nutrition internship with UBC Thunderbirds
  • Member of Dietitians of Canada and the Sport Nutrition Network
  • Co-author on over 10 peer-reviewed articles and two book chapters

Hello, & Welcome!

My name is Ali, and I am a registered dietitian who is passionate about supporting you with food. I have a background in kinesiology and health promotion behaviour change before returning to school to become a registered dietitian. Quite simply, I love food! And I love the  powerful role food can have with how we feel. I also strongly believe that the importance of cultivating a positive relationship with food is paramount, and this has a huge impact on our food choices.

My core beliefs as a dietitian supporting your goals include:

  • A client’s health is at the forefront of every nutrition intervention
  • Every person is unique and has unique nutrition needs
  • It is important to take a holistic approach that encompasses all factors that contribute to one’s health and specific nutrition goals
  • The importance of ongoing education and staying up-to-date with nutrition research
  • Empowering people to find nutrition strategies that best support them 

To help you achieve your optimal nutrition, I will:


  • Explore with you your personal health, and work with the science of nutrition combined with your own inner wisdom to determine a plan that works best with your body
  • Explore your goals and empower you to develop strategies that support your goals
  • Explore with you your psychology – your own challenges and thought processes that may be holding you back. We will challenge these and create changes by shifting your mindset
  • Work with evidenced-based behaviour change strategies. 
  • Identify goals, and how to break those down into manageable daily actions that create sustainable long-term habits